BuddyPress Profile Completeness

Say goodbye to the blank profiles, BuddyPress profile completeness is the best way to force or encourage users to complete their profile fields, profile widgets, and more. also gives you the ability to apply restrictions on incomplete profiles.

BuddyPress Profile Completeness plugin is compatible with Youzify, BuddyPress Nouveau Theme, BuddyPress Legacy Theme, BuddyBoss Theme, and BuddyBoss Plugin.

Features :
  • 3 Fields Status ( Forced, Required, Optional ).
    • Forced: Users will keep being redirected to the forced fields until they complete them then they will be able to access your other site pages.
    • Required: Users can use your website but there will be a widget that displays their incomplete required fields and you can apply many restrictions on them.
    • Optional: Users will be free to fill them in whenever they want.
  • Apply Profile Completeness System For Specific Roles.
  • Enable / Disable Hiding Incomplete Profiles from Members Directory.
  • Enable / Disable Marking Complete Profiles as Verified.
  • Enable / Disable The following Actions For Incomplete Profiles :
    • Adding & Removing Activity Posts.
    • Adding & Removing Activity Comments.
    • Adding & Removing Activity Replies.
    • Adding & Removing Activity Likes.
    • Sharing Activity Posts.
    • Adding & Removing Friends.
    • Joining & Leaving Groups.
    • Adding & Removing Follows
    • Adding & Removing Reviews.
    • Adding & Removing Bookmarks.
    • Sending Private Messages.
  • Supported Fields :
    • All BuddyPress Xprofile Field Types are Supported.
    • Buddypress Profile Avatar & Cover Images.
    • All Youzify Profile Widgets ( About Me Widget, Post Widget, Skills Widget,  Slideshow Widget, Portfolio Widget, Services Widget, Social Networks Widget,  Link Widget, Quote Widget, Video Widget, Project Widget, Instagram Widget, Flickr Widget )
  • Profile Completeness Shortcode : [youzify_profile_completeness]
  • Ajaxed Profile Completeness Widget.

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